Mr.Banboo台灣手工眼鏡 - 關於我們

Mr. Banboo & Mr. Bamboo兩者發音雖然相似,對我們來說意義卻是大大不同 n與m的不同,在於一道成功之門或令人左右不定的分岔路,而我們只要 n 一道成功之門專注而不分心 。

目標 1: 手工限量 Mr. Banboo正港ㄟ台灣手工眼鏡。
目標 2: 把台灣手工眼鏡推向國際化,
願景 1: 讓愈多人戴上我們共同堅持的故事,
願景 2: 能讓更多農友、竹農二度就業,

希望戴我做的眼鏡的人,都能擁有 {三公分的哲學}。
夢想再遠 堅持 就能走到底
自己的眼鏡 自己設計,自己的眼鏡 自己調整。看見 老台灣的人情風景、回憶 老台灣的生活情味。希望戴上這一支眼鏡的人,都能擁有三公分的哲學。

Your glasses should be designed by yourself, and adjusted by yourself.
View customs and scenery of ancient Taiwan to recall life sentiment and flavor of it.
Hope people wearing these pairs of glasses own the philosophy of 3 cm.
我是吃台灣米水長大的孩子,常有人會問起,為何做竹子手工眼鏡,我的回答總是有著些許難過:在台灣,消費者所認識有質感的手工眼鏡,多半只會有日本 德國 美國知名品牌,難道台灣做不到嗎?

Growing up in Taiwan, I was often asked by people why making manual bamboo glasses. I always answered them with a slight sorrow, “In Taiwan, the manual glasses that customers know are mostly brands from Japan, Germany and USA etc., why can’t Taiwan people do it?”
設計: 家的溫度與記憶
Design: the temperature and memory of the home
When I was young, the windows of old houses mostly have manual designed window grille, which has disappeared in the window of new houses with the transformation of architectural design as time goes by.
I want to engrave these warm and emotional old memories in the old window grille Taiwan manual glasses.
設計: 為什麼眼鏡不能自己調整?
戴眼鏡的人都有遇到一樣的問題,眼鏡太鬆常常往下滑或太緊夾到頭痛,眼鏡的鬆緊度,容易影響一個人的情緒,更會影響工作品質。第一支 獨家專利 可自己用雙手,就能調整鬆緊度的台灣手工眼鏡。
Design: why can&qpos;t glasses be adjusted by yourself?
People wearing glasses often encounter the same problem: glasses slip down for too loose or they feel headache for too tight frame. Tightness of glasses can easily influences one&qpos;s mood, and even affect his work quality.
The tightness of Taiwan manual glasses with an exclusive patent can be adjusted by your hands.
為什麼選竹子做眼鏡? 因為 三公分哲學
很多人都不知道,竹子的成長速度很快,但它前三、四年可能長不到三公分,因為它在扎根,竹子的根可擴及到周圍兩、三公尺,到了第四年後,竹子便會以一天一公尺速度衝刺成長,只需約十幾天,就可以長到十幾公尺高,前面都在扎根 你能不能衝過三公分才是關鍵。
Why choose bamboo to make glasses? Because of the philosophy of 3 cm
Many people don&qpos;t know that bamboo grows fast, but it may grow less than 3 cm in length in the first three or four years, because it needs rooting at first. The root can be spread to surrounding environment for two or three meters. In and after the fourth year, the bamboo will grow quickly at the speed of one meter each day. In only about 10 days, it grows to more than ten meters high. It’s rooting at the beginning. The key is whether you can push through 3 cm in length.